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Looking to buy ham gear at Dayton? Want to know what other hams think? Use Then try this out. provides a graphical view of review data found at, the preferred site you probably check out before you buy ham radio gear. What does is to transform the data using "a picture is worth a thousand words" principle. Highly rated stuff simply jumps out at you at a glance and you don't even need to leave the page to read individual reviews. It's basically a value-added tool that can help you make snap decisions. So whip out your mobile device when you get "the urge" out there in the flea market, connect to, and see if the junk you are buying is really worth it. At the very least, you'll have a justification ready for your XYL for having done due diligence before buying on the spot :)

To get started, mouse over "Categories" in the menu at the top left, choose an review category, and off you go. More instructions are provided on subsequent pages.

None of this would be possible of course without the input of countless hams and the commendable effort of folks who care and feed, a treasure trove of information for amateur/ham radio operators worldwide.

Note: The data you see here is not live but a snapshot in time (see the bottom for last update). Be sure to check out reviews and forum posts for the latest.

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